My actual train of thought on the way home from work today:

Oh man I'm glad work is over that was killer
I hate nine in the morning
Ooh I like this song, it's super 80s!
This song sucks
Gotta remember to drop off the PSP to fedex today
Ew the rain is starting to look chunky I hope it doesn't snow that would suck
I'm probably going to forget to go to fedex
I should go and do karaoke sometime
Rain, why are you so finicky, either do it or don't, not this in-between bullshit
I hate you I5
Man is my blind go idea lame? I should think of something else
Gotta revise that silly commentbox tie fic
Remember to call the mechanic! I'm so gonna forget.

Good news: I remembered to go to fedex. Bad news: I forgot to call the mechanic.
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( Mar. 19th, 2012 08:32 pm)
I am so freaking charmed by cookingwithdog, I have watched most of the episodes in the last few days. GO THERE AND WATCH, SERIOUSLY

SERIOUSLY HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS SHOW IT'S SO CUTE AND EDUCATIONAL. I'm just sad that I didn't find this channel sooner.


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