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( Aug. 13th, 2008 09:38 pm)
So my brother's in the navy. And he's re-enlisting soon. And they give a lot of money as a re-enlistment bonus. Like, $35,000.


Anyway, he decided that he's going to spend a bunch on us to take us all on a trip for Christmas. My brother is sometimes pretty awesome :D. Originally he was going to fly us all to Hawaii for a week or so and we would do the tourist thing.

Hawaii is ASS EXPENSIVE. Holy FUCK. Airfare alone for four people is over four thousand dollars. asdfoijaweoirjao;eidfjaowier

And then it turns out he's getting sent back to New London or wherever the sea school is early, so I convinced him that he wants to go on a cruise to Mexico.

HAHAHA WE'RE GOING TO MEXICO THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS. And spending an extra day in LA just because it sucks flying in the same day.

SDOFIJWEOIFJOIWER I don't even like Mexico but there's this PIRATE SHIP EXCURSION in Puerto Vallarta that I really want to take. PIRATES PIRATES PIRATES PIRATES.

*so excited*

(Except my other brother is an ass and said "I don't want to go to Mexico, I'm not going". WTF JOSHUA, IT'S A FRIGGIN' FREE VACATION. A FAMILY VACATION. YOU CAN STAY ON THE SHIP. IGNORE THE MEXICO PART. JUST GO ON THE EFFING VACATION. *foams at the mouth*

...The stupid part is I've spent a good week or so planning this whole family vacation by myself, and him just brushing it off like that almost made me cry on the bus. Geez, if you think you can do a better job, jerkface, then do it. I'd like to see you get a 4-star hotel room for $69.)


Josh: no to mexico
Liz: Why not
Josh: because that is on the bottom of my list of countries I want to visit
Liz: Josh, you don't even have to go anywhere if you want to. This is supposed to be a family vacation and if you don't go then mom's going to woe
Josh: dad doesnt want to go there either
Liz: Dad said that he'll suck it up for a free vacation
Josh: I am not going to mexico
Josh: I dont care if mom woes
Liz: Geez, I should have just told you that we're going to Hawaii
Josh: yeah, that would have ended up well
Josh: I would have been worse
Liz: Did Mexico rape a kitten in front of you or something?
Josh: I'd rather not get stabbed for going down the wrong alley

D: D: D: D: D:


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