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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 02:19 am)
Here, suffer with me

In other news, I made cheesecake today.
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( Feb. 11th, 2009 03:04 pm)
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have no idea why but I'm really really reeeeeeeeeally grumpy right now.

Like, hate almost everyone even if I like you grumpy.



Later when I'm less inclined to rip someone's head off I might post some music downloads. Any requests?
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( Jan. 26th, 2009 03:37 am)
Dreamvomit time!

Okay so I had the strangest dream last night. It started out where I was a student at some university. I don't know which, and it's nowhere I've ever been before. But in the dream I had the feeling that I'd gone there before, and I was back after a long period of being away. I met some people that I had apparently known before, and was friends with. I promised a few of them we'd get together and afterwards I went to my classes. The classes I just barely remember. But I had promised one girl and her friends that I would meet with her later on in the week, or month, the time was sort of ambiguous, for lunch. And then I forgot, until the day of, when someone was like "Oh, they thought you weren't coming, they're over at the restaurant." That restaurant seemed like a really nice one, although it was on the university campus. But it was like a four star restaurant or something. Anyway the girl I was meeting was happy to see me and we ate and it ended up that I was going to be late for class.

But oh shit, I couldn't remember which class I had next.

Which turned out okay because we had an assembly about... something, I don't remember what, instead of classes.

And then suddenly the dream switched and I had randomly gotten the part in some musical production that I hadn't even auditioned for. It was a male part, but I didn't care. It was one of the four leads, too. So the musical is performed (yeah I skipped all the rehearsing part in the dream and went straight to the performance), and it felt like it was being put on in a high school gymnasium rather than a university's theater. It was sort of weird. Anyway all seemed to go well except for the end. For some reason, we were performing on the floor of the gym, rather than up on stage, but in the middle we had to move to the stage and do our thing. And the last song of the musical was just the four leads. So we got off the stage and back onto the floor and started singing. It was me, two other guys, and a girl. So three male parts and a female part. I don't know if that's relevant, I just thought I should explain. Anyway, I got the feeling in the dream that I had a thing for one of the dudes, but he was really into the one girl.

Anyway we start singing, and something goes wrong. I don't remember what, but we go back to our original places and try to start again. And then something else goes wrong. And it keeps happening a couple more times, until finally we're like okay this time we're just going to finish no matter what. So we start singing and doing our thing, and suddenly this huge bus -- the bus that the people in the play came to this place in -- crashes through the wall and explodes. Glass flies everywhere, and people are injured. The dude I'm into is really worried about the other girl, and is trying to protect her. And I've got chunks of glass in my arms and my face, and people are screaming and there's fire and it's really scary.

And something happens, and randomly some of the people who were performing had been taken away, kidnapped I guess. And there had apparently been this cat with light-colored fur that had been spreading a disease around the gym. Everyone had it. And so I'm out trying to find the place where the people are being kept, and I find it. It's this house on a street that reminds me of a street near my old middle school. So I go to the house, around back, and there's a set of stairs leading to the basement. And there's a black cat. And for some reason, I know that this black cat has the black plague, and is going to try to give it to me. I've already got the other disease, so I'm not worried about the light-colored cat, but I'm not about to get another one from this cat. And I still have glass hanging out of me and I'm bleeding.

So I try to throw the cat so it won't touch me, but it comes back. I try to kick it, but it doesn't do anything. I do something to crush it, but it picks itself up and runs toward me. IT WAS REALLY FREAKY. So finally I end up crushing its head and it's this misshapen thing, but it's still alive. But it's not as quick, so I'm able to slip into the basement door and shut it, and the cat can't get me any more. And I find the people that had been taken. The person who had taken them was there also, but I don't remember who it turned out being. And then there was something about strawberries and whipped cream in waffle bowls given out to everyone, that may or may not have contained poison. But I woke up.



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