Firstly, let me take the opportunity to thank you! No matter what you write for me, I am definitely really happy and grateful to you! Now to help you out a little, I've listed some of my squicks, and tried to include a prompt for each pairing. I've also noted what my top pairing preferences are. Feel free to disregard the preferences and the prompts if your muse takes you a different direction! I've asked for all of these because I would be really happy to recieve anything for any of them!

Okay firstly, my squicks are scat, non-con, dub-con, infidelity, bloodplay, breathplay, over-the-top angst, unresolved angst/unhappy endings, drug usage, mpreg, humiliation, and anything sexual involving characters younger than 17 (which means that any character that is under 17 in canon should be aged up ideally for sexytimes). Pretty much everything else is fair game! I mean that! Porn, fluff, something in between, whatever you want to write! I am really easy to please!

I tend to like stories rather than character pieces, but I will never turn down a thoughtful character study! Also AUs are amazing, I love them so hard. I love fantasy AUs, fusions with any of the other fandoms I've requested if you're feeling ambitious, putting the characters in other professions, pretty much if you think it would be interesting chances are I will think that as well!

As a quick note before we start in on the specifics, *** is my first pairing preference, and ** is my second pairing preference for each fandom.


Hisagi Shuuhei/Kira Izuru
Drinking buddies who drink too much one night, waking up in the same bed naked.

Hisagi Shuuhei/Matsumoto Rangiku
The Seireitei Communication starts a singles ad section, and Matsumoto takes one out. Her name isn't on it, but it's obviously her. Hisagi has to decide whether or not to print it and risk other people contacting her for a date.

***Coyote Starrk/Ukitake Juushiro
Staark either survived somehow, or since he was killed by a shinigami's zanpakuto was cleansed and sent to Soul Society where Ukitake meets him once more, as a cadet at the Academy.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques/Inoue Orihime
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Perhaps a bit of Stockholm Syndrome tossed in.

**Senbonzakura/Sode no Shirayuki
She's the only one who knows what he looks like beneath his mask/helmet.

Kuchiki Byakuya/Shihouin Yoruichi
Beneath his icy exterior lays that hot-blooded youth from 100 years ago whose hackles would rise at her baiting. His feelings, however, have matured to something a little more adult.

Compilation of FFVII

Sephiroth/Vincent Valentine
A clandestine meeting before the final battle.

***Lazard Deusericus/Sephiroth
Role reversal, in the office Lazard is in charge, outside it's all Sephiroth.

Lazard Deusericus/Rufus Shinra
It's not really narcissism if they don't look much like each other, is it?

**Rufus Shinra/Vincent Valentine
Vincent is awakened from the basement early, and somehow ends up back in the Turks as Rufus' bodyguard.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Greece likes saying things that make Japan blush bright red.

Germania gets tired of cleaning up Rome's messes.

Latvia looks frail, but when it's just the two of them, he has Russia wrapped around his little finger.

Either something set during the Cuban Missile Crisis, or Russia coming to vacation on Cuba's beautiful beaches where they drink mojitos together.

Red light district.

Hikaru no Go

***Yashiro Kiyoharu/Shindou Hikaru
Yashiro is in Tokyo for the last prelim of the Meijin tournament, and he's rooming with Hikaru instead of getting a hotel every time he has a game scheduled. Bickering and/or drunken makeouts ensue.

**Isumi Shinichirou/Saeki Kouji
Waya introduced them. They started to run into each other outside of the Ki-in so much that they start to do it purposefully in this roundabout sort of dating ritual.

Saeki Kouji/Shindou Hikaru
Saeki really likes teasing Hikaru, because it's so easy to get a rise out of him. Especially when he teases him about kissing him.

Hong Suyeong/Shindou Hikaru
Hikaru is in Seoul for a tournament, staying with Suyeong. They talk, a lot.

Persona 4

***Narukami Yu/Tatsumi Kanji
Kanji asks for Yu's help to get an uninterested Naoto to like him. He finds after a while of spending a lot of time strategizing with Yu that his feelings have shifted toward his senpai.

Kujikawa Rise/Tatsumi Kanji
Girls really like bad boys, even if their contract says they shouldn't like ANY boys.

If you have any questions or need any clarification about what I like about any of the pairings, or any thoughts or feelings I have about specific characters, feel free to drop an anonymous comment and I'll answer you asap! Thank you so so much, I'm really excited to see what you write!


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