My actual train of thought on the way home from work today:

Oh man I'm glad work is over that was killer
I hate nine in the morning
Ooh I like this song, it's super 80s!
This song sucks
Gotta remember to drop off the PSP to fedex today
Ew the rain is starting to look chunky I hope it doesn't snow that would suck
I'm probably going to forget to go to fedex
I should go and do karaoke sometime
Rain, why are you so finicky, either do it or don't, not this in-between bullshit
I hate you I5
Man is my blind go idea lame? I should think of something else
Gotta revise that silly commentbox tie fic
Remember to call the mechanic! I'm so gonna forget.

Good news: I remembered to go to fedex. Bad news: I forgot to call the mechanic.
chagrined: Chihayafuru: Chihaya against leaves backdrop from opening (chihaya)

From: [personal profile] chagrined

CHIHAYAFURU YAY! :D I was hanging out with friends to-day and was like, "WHAT DAY IS IT???" (I am terrible at keeping track of that.) They told me it was Monday, so of course my response was "YES TO-MORROW IS CHIHAYAFURU DAY!!!"


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