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Hi Yuletide writer! I am excited to see what you come up with, so as always these requests are just requests. Feel free to go wherever your heart desires with the fic!

Okay firstly, my squicks are scat, vomit, non-con, dub-con, infidelity, bloodplay, breathplay, over-the-top angst, unresolved angst/unhappy endings, drug usage, mpreg, humiliation, and anything sexual involving characters younger than 17 (which means that any character that is under 17 in canon should be aged up ideally for sexy times). I'm also not really a fan of issuefic. Pretty much everything else is fair game! I mean that! Porn, fluff, something in between, whatever you want to write! I am really easy to please!

I tend to like stories rather than character pieces, but I will never turn down a thoughtful character study! Also AUs are amazing, I love them so hard. I love fantasy AUs, fusions with any of the other fandoms I've requested if you're feeling ambitious, putting the characters in other professions; pretty much if you think it would be interesting chances are I will think that as well! I love it when authors research lots of little cultural details and get them right because it makes the fic feel so authentic, especially if they're subtle about it. I love drama and comedy in equal parts. I love witty dialogue, and introspection with no dialogue. I love dry humor and bad puns. I love porn. I love fluff. I love them together, I love them apart. If you are inclined toward writing porn, the things I like most are frottage, mutual masturbation, wall sex, snowballing, facials, writing on skin, massage, rimming, phone sex and sexting, awkward first times, silly sex, and dirty talk. I can take or leave anal in my m/m pairings, so don't feel like that's a necessity or anything if you do decide to write porn. Porn is always always always optional though so don't feel like you have to write it at all! Fade-to-black can be just as sexy and fulfilling as an explicitly-written sex scene depending on the story!

Now, on to the fandoms!

Let's start off with the most obscure, my favorite jdrama called At Home Dad. You can download all 12 episodes plus the special HERE. Each episode is about 45 minutes long, and the special is an hour and a half, so if you've never seen it it's not a huge time commitment. And I definitely highly recommend it!

If you are familiar with the social structure of Japan at all, you'll understand why I find this series so charming. The gist of it is the main character, Yamamura Kazuyuki, is the typical male head-of-household with a good job and a pretty wife and a cute daughter. He's the sort of head-of-household that makes all the money and tends to steamroll his way through most decisions because he's the man and knows what's best for his family. Until he loses his job unexpectedly. His wife is offered a good job at a brand new magazine, and suddenly their roles are reversed, with his wife becoming the breadwinner and him becoming a stay at home dad with a kindergarten-aged daughter. He resists his new role with everything he has, because it's not "manly", but is taught lessons by his new neighbor who happens to also be a stay at home dad. There are side plot shenanigans with the gossipy neighbor women and the kindergarten teacher who is secretly dating the sports club swim instructor and it's all very charming!

Seriously, I can't overstate how much I enjoy this series. Questioning traditional gender roles! Bromance shenanigans with the next door neighbor who becomes Yamamura's best friend despite all his resistance! The Sugios are adorable and have a great relationship, and the kids of both couples are really cute!! If this sounds at all like something you'd enjoy, please consider giving it a shot even if you don't end up writing it for me!!

I asked for any character, easy enough since only four were nominated. As for prompts, what I would most like to see is future fic with Rie and Ryouta in high school together. They're next door neighbors and childhood friends and everyone thinks they're dating though they aren't really. Rie wouldn't mind dating Ryouta, though, if he ever got over his childishness. If you'd like to throw in some jealous Tsubasa as well, I would not mind it! Also I would love to see how Yamamura reacts when he hears that his little girl is going out with his best friend's son. Is he supportive or overprotective? Is he still a stay at home dad or did he go back to directing commercials when Rie started going to school full-time?

If you'd rather go with something with the dads, I would love to see some shenanigans that Sugio gets them into as usual, with Sugio's wife ending up bailing them out somehow since she's amazing and perfect. I always enjoyed Miki and Shouko's scenes together talking about their husbands over lunch or a glass of wine on the deck, so perhaps that could be incorporated?

Cool Runnings is perhaps the most iconic, quintessential Olympics movie of all time. Who doesn't love rooting for the outsider underdogs, and booing the evil East Germans? The Nostalgia Chick has a great video about this movie that pretty much sums up all my feelings. And if you haven't seen it and like cheesy sports flicks with feel-good endings, I definitely recommend it even if you don't write this one for me!

There are a couple of ways that I would like to see this go. I requested any nominated character, so feel free to write the story that you want to write with any of them. If you need a little inspiration, I can toss a couple of ideas at you!

Derice and his wife have their first baby. Irv has stuck around as their coach and has somehow become something of a father figure to Derice. Maybe Derice names Irv as the kid's godparent. Just some feel-good family fluff.

Junior and Yul get to be great friends by the end of the movie. What happens when they keep sledding? Apparently two of the original Jamaican bobsledders moved to Canada to go on and medal at the sport. What if that was them? What if they moved to Canada to be together romantically? How did the relationship develop? I would love to hear your take on their story!

Iron Will is another feel-good Disney movie about an underdog winning the day. Apparently I have a type XD. Dogsledding and evil European types and come-from-behind victories and small town boys reaching huge dreams and cynical city men whose hearts melt at the nigh-impossible feats of the backwater kid, it's got some great potential even if it is a bit cliche. The cliche is kind of what's fun, and it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours if you feel like you want to watch it!

Will won the race, saved his mother's farm and can now go to college. But what happens after? How does college treat him? Perhaps Harry Kingsley had an effect on him, and he wants to study journalism so he can go on to tell the stories of other people who would remain lost to obscurity otherwise. Perhaps he goes to college in the same city Harry Kingsley works. Perhaps he ends up interning for that newspaper publisher. Perhaps Harry Kingsley shows him the adult things in life that he's missing out. What I'm saying here is I really like the idea of them being in a slightly dysfunctional relationship. Do with that what you will!

The Captive Prince is the slashy novel I always wanted to exist, even if I didn't strictly enjoy all of the first part. Pleasure slaves and political intrigue, what's not to love! Definitely highly recommended if you have the time to do a bit of reading. It only took me a few hours to read two novels, that's how engrossed I was.

The characters I requested are Laurent, Damen, and Auguste, and I would be happy to read any story involving any combination of those three. In a modern AU, what if Damen and Auguste went to school together? What if they got together? What if they didn't, and Damen got with Laurent instead? Or perhaps tried to, much to Auguste's amusement, and failed big time? Or perhaps we could go more of a canon AU and explore what if Auguste had never died, what if he and Damen were able to work out a peace agreement behind the backs of everyone else? What if the situation were reversed, and it was Damen's brother that was killed instead of Auguste? I will be happy to read anything, really! Let your imagination soar!

The Booth at the End is one of my favorite pieces of media of all time. I love the mystery and the desperation of all the people The Man talks to, and the moral ambiguity of it all. I need to know more about The Man, and the book he writes in, and how he came to do what he does, and how everything works. Tell me his story. Alternately, if you're feeling ambitious, I would love to see a fandom crossover version of it, where characters from different fandoms come see The Man to get what they so dearly desire from him.

I know some of these requests are short, but don't let that fool you. My enthusiasm for receiving a fic in any of these fandoms will be just as high no matter which you pick, I promise!

And if you need to get hold of me to answer any questions, you can leave an anonymous comment here, or find me on tumblr at [ profile] loanmeadragon. Thank you!

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