Dear Not Prime Time Author:

I apologize in advance for the length of this letter. I always get a little too enthusiastic with these things. To start off with, the prompts listed under each fandom are just suggestions, not requirements. Go with your heart if none of them inspire! I'll start off with my general likes and dislikes, then list each fandom and what I like and a prompt (or ten, sometimes I can't help myself I'm so sorry).

Okay firstly, my squicks are scat, vomit, non-con, dub-con, infidelity, bloodplay, breathplay, over-the-top angst, unresolved angst/unhappy endings, drug usage, mpreg, humiliation, and anything sexual involving characters younger than 17 (which means that any character that is under 17 in canon should be aged up ideally for sexy times). I'm also not really a fan of issuefic. Pretty much everything else is fair game! I mean that! Porn, fluff, something in between, whatever you want to write! I am really easy to please!

I tend to like stories rather than character pieces, but I will never turn down a thoughtful character study! Also AUs are amazing, I love them so hard. I love fantasy AUs, fusions with any of the other fandoms I've requested if you're feeling ambitious, putting the characters in other professions; pretty much if you think it would be interesting chances are I will think that as well! I love it when authors research lots of little cultural details and get them right because it makes the fic feel so authentic, especially if they're subtle about it. I love drama and comedy in equal parts. I love witty dialogue, and introspection with no dialogue. I love dry humor and bad puns. I love porn. I love fluff. I love them together, I love them apart. If you are inclined toward writing porn, the things I like most are frottage, mutual masturbation, wall sex, snowballing, facials, writing on skin, massage, rimming, phone sex and sexting, awkward first times, silly sex, and dirty talk. I can take or leave anal in my m/m pairings, so don't feel like that's a necessity or anything if you do decide to write porn. Porn is always always always optional though so don't feel like you have to write it at all! Fade-to-black can be just as sexy and fulfilling as an explicitly-written sex scene depending on the story!

Also remember, I may have requested four characters, but feel free to focus on only one or two of them and not all of them! I am a-okay with that!

Now, on to the fandoms! Listed in alphabetical order:

I love this series, I love the characters, I love everything. I love the different historical settings (even if the actual history has many liberties taken, haha), I love the relationships between the characters, I just love it all. It's one of my main fandoms these days, so I've pretty much read most of the fic out there featuring my favorite characters. For this fandom, I requested any, and I mean it. Altair/Malik is my OTP, but I also ship Altair with Kadar as well as in a threesome with both Malik and Kadar. I really enjoy Ezio/Yusuf, and I don't really ship Connor with anyone. I enjoy him on his own with his grouchiness and his don't-touch-me attitude and his kindness toward his friends. This is the one series where I am the most eager to see AUs! Though if you want to stick to the canon timelines, I am down for that as well! Don't feel restrained by pairings, either. I love each of these characters, and if you have a story to tell that focuses on just one of them, I want to read it! As for prompts...

>>I love this picture by Tanyart: and would love to see what would have happened if Ezio and Yusuf had known each other when they were young. Modern or canon, either would be great!

>>Altair and Malik are high school teachers that snark at each other. Maybe Altair is a gym teacher and Malik does geography? I don't know let your imagination go wild. Optional Kadar as a student at the same school would be amazing.

>>Altair and Malik are lawyers at competing law firms. Or one is a criminal defense lawyer and the other is a prosecutor.

>>Connor is a veterinarian. All the owners of the pets he sees fall in love with him, but he is oblivious. All the nurses and vet techs have a betting pool going about when he'll notice.

>>I've written it before but it needs to be more of a thing: Ezio and Yusuf and Turkish Oil Wrestling.

>>Something else altogether! Let your imagination be your guide!

What I like is that Free! is a pretty good example of a sports series even while being fanservicey. The swimming may not be completely accurate all of the time, but clearly some effort was put in by the animation staff to do their research. I also love the relationships between the characters, and the characters themselves. Makoto is definitely my favorite character, and I ship him with pretty much everyone! My OTP is Mako/Haru for sure, but I've also been on a Mako/Rin stint recently. I would also love to see Mako/Sei. For non Makoto pairings, I prefer Rei/Rin. I don't really ship Rin/Haru or Rei/Nagisa at all. Don't feel obligated to include any pairings if you don't want to, though! I'm also not really a fan of the fanon that Nagisa is a sex demon. Now as for some prompts:

>>Rin and Rei end up attending the same college, and start out with an antagonistic relationship that turns into them dating.

>>What if the boys did a different sport?

>>Makoto/Seijuurou captain gripe sessions.

>>Joint training session shenanigans at the beach. Rin draws rude things on the backs of his sunbathing friends and/or teammates in sunscreen.

>>Everyone going out to a bar when they're all 20. They let Nagisa pick the bar. It ends up being in Shinjuku Nichoume. One of them (not Nagisa), ends up being kind of famous and sought after and is embarrassed to be outed that way to his friends.

>>Anything Rin/Makoto, seriously.

>>Also anything Haruka/Makoto.

My favorite thing about these games is the fact that they're so absurd. And they play it off so seriously. I love Phoenix, he's my favorite character, and I love his snarky inner monologue that becomes more of an outer monologue as he gets older and less concerned with appearances. I love how he and Edgeworth have settled into their friendship so that it's a normal occurrence for them to go see Trucy perform together (SO MARRIED). I love the addition of Athena to the Agency, and her relationship with Blackquill that was once so tender becoming something more antagonistic in his desire to protect her. And now that Klavier is no longer an antagonist to fight against, I find myself warming up to him a whole lot more than I did in the previous game. For the characters I requested (Phoenix, Klavier, Blackquill, and Athena), I ship Phoenix/Klavier and Athena/Blackquill. If you'd prefer, I'd also be more than up for Phoenix/Edgeworth. I don't ship Klavier/Apollo at all, even as a background pairing, sorry ): As for some prompts...

>>Klavier has been agonizing over his role in getting Phoenix disbarred. Now that he has his badge back, Klavier thinks it's time to figure out how to make amends. Somehow it turns into them dating without them realizing it? IDK I just like contrite Klavier.

>>Athena tries her best to "fix" the relationship between herself and Blackquill, trying to get it back to where it was when she was a kid.

>>Phoenix and the gang having Steel Samurai marathons when there aren't any cases to work. Edgeworth brings the popcorn.

>>Somehow Phoenix gets stuck hawk-sitting Taka for Blackquill? It ends in tears.

>>Anything else you might have in mind!!

What I like about this series is how such a silly premise created something so amazing and immersive and heartbreaking. Each character is fantastic, even the ones that you don't end up liking so much. Hikaru is such a great protagonist, even when he's a little jerk. But you end up forgiving him because you remember that he's still a child and still learning to be less of a selfish douche. But he's so charming, and charismatic. For this fandom I love character-driven pieces, and also plotty fics that include accurate Go. Hikaru is my favorite character, so I ship him with pretty much everyone. I am a huge huge huge fan of rare pairings, and from the characters I requested (Hikaru, Yashiro, Saeki, and Isumi), I ship Hikaru/Yashiro, Hikaru/Saeki, and Saeki/Isumi. Feel free to ignore pairings and go a different route, though. As for some prompts:

>>Boarding School AU

>>The Hokutohai boys are part of a Johnny's Entertainment-style boyband

>>There's a rumor going around that Hikaru left go because Ogata molested him at that conference right before Sai disappeared

>>If you are inclined toward the naughtier, Yashiro and Hikaru have a running contest to see who can masturbate in the most unusual places, with photographic proof required. So someone finds Hikaru's phone one day and sees a whole lot of photos of Yashiro pointing at a suspicious white substance in different places. And he has to try and explain it all away.

>>Pretty much anything with Hikaru and Yashiro going from bros to boyfriends.

>>The story of how Isumi and Saeki got together. Waya intervention optional but welcome!

This is speaking about the game only, since I have a few issues with the anime that make me a bitter, bitter fan. But what I love about it is the whole teenagers covertly saving the world after school thing it has going on. The interpersonal relationships are fun, as well! I love how the main character plays agony aunt to every other character he social links with, how he's so compassionate and caring. Though sometimes I wonder if he ever wishes he could unload on people the way they unload on him. My favorite character in the game is Rise, and I will fight anyone that doesn't like her. She's so great, I love how she's so cheerful even when she's struggling with questions about who she really is and what she's all about. Of the characters I requested (Rise, Naoto, Yu, and Kanji), I ship Rise/Yu, Rise/Naoto, and Yu/Kanji. As for some prompts...

>>Kanji needs help trying to woo Naoto but Naoto just isn't interested. Kanji doesn't take defeat lightly and keeps at it hoping that with Yu's help he can win her over but instead he finds himself and his feelings leaning toward Yu over time.

>>There is a world inside of computers too, and Yu accidentally discovers it when he coughs and touches the monitor to wipe off some spit. Of course he can't go inside because it's too small. But curiosity starts to gnaw on him. Is it the same as in the TV, or is it different...?

>>Seta Souji and Narukami Yu are twins who were separated and adopted out to different families. They both end up in Inaba, though not necessarily at the same time. How does this change the story?

>>Nanako decides that she wants to grow up to be just like Rise and become an idol. So Rise lets her follow her around for a day so she can see what it's like.

>>After high school, Rise is a hot commodity in the idol world. She begins receiving death threats, but after the whole persona thing feels like she can take care of herself, so instead of letting her agency hire a dozen bodyguards, she simply requests one capable person: Shirogane Naoto.

>>Anything else you may wish to write. The sky is the limit!

What I really like about this series is the style of it. It's not even pretending to be set in the real world, and that makes it work for me. I also enjoy the relationships between all the characters, and how dynamic they are. The characters I requested are Maka and Soul, and they're my Soul Eater OTP. I love how they always have each other's backs even when they're not getting along outside of battle. For this series, I haven't read the manga, just watched the anime, though I'm going to make an effort to get caught up by the time reveals happen so feel free to include information from either canon! As for prompts, there's two I'd really like to see. (Sorry for the specificness of the first one, feel free to ignore it if you think it's too specific, or to change details, or whathaveyou!)

>>Maka's inner soul is a library, and she has a locked book where she hides her feelings for Soul. He invades her library like she invaded his Black Room and has to find a way to open the book because some mission or other depends on it. Then awkwardness at his discovery of her feelings ensues.

>>Maka made Soul a Death Scythe, and she's now working with another weapon to make him into a Death Scythe and Soul is not happy about it.

I commend you for getting through to the end of that. I'm so sorry for writing so much! If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, feel free to drop an anon comment here or an anon ask over at my tumblr at loanmeadragon. Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!



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